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Just as my top trading challenge student and I discussed on FOX the other night: Heres how I made 50,000 the first week of January 2014: As you see much of my gains come from.

EXTENDED UNTIL 1/26: Save 50 off on newsletters HERE and on DVDs HERE on this NEW YEAR s SALE While Ive enjoyed trading profits of 180,000ish in the first 3 weeks of 2014, I got.

Much of it isnt predictable. I myself aim for 20 to 30 gains per position in one or two days given the volatility. 3. Vanishing trading volume is an indication of media frenzy wearing off.

Here are some other great quot;s from that article: Experience teaches me there will be more waves based on breaking sector news in the coming weeks and months, Sykes told MainStreet.

Applying simple technical analysis to buying a marijuana penny stock involves finding those that are breaking out above previous highs to dramatically increase the odds of profits for investors. I wrote this article explaining why.

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Ride the hype but be sure to exit when the momentum even begins to look like it might fade, said Sykes. When I said much of it isnt predictable, I was referring to breaking news.

For some more background on how to buy penny stocks breaking out, whether theyre marijuana penny stocks or any other sector, please watch this video too.