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Just to feel torn between two people. The music in this AMV really has this great melancholy/eerie feeling, which is why I chose to do this subject for the AMV. Anyway, hope you enjoy.

It was so well put together: the song and the short clips from the ending theme. Great job! I could see that you understand the anime much better than many people. spice gold трип, vockob, http bdivmid. hydro fire 1г, ebe, http bdivmid. jah rush эффект, 1357, http bdivmid. миксы оптом новосибирск, xvtr, http bdivmid. изготовление курительных смесей, 4047, http bdivmid.

Props for that, because I just adore those. Especially the ending theme to My Will. _ The song was a nice choice I think for this particular love-triangle theme for the AMV.