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Ode to… The Very Best


Inspired by one of our childhood favorites, Pokémon!

Nubby arms, legs, or ears, and sometimes a nubby tail! Show off your favorite character or try to catch’em all! Your new friend will sit perfectly on your hand, desk, bed, or car cash.


Note: This item is not considered a toy; intended for display only. Not suitable for children or animals that bite, chew, or gnaw on non-edible items. Items are fanart and resembles its likeliness, some distinguishing features may be omitted. Please continue to support its franchise.


Did you know the Pokémon theme song comes in many different languages? Gotta learn’em all! (direct link to YouTube).

Shape: A mochi with arms, legs and/or tail that fits and sits on your hand. Note: due to design complexities, some mochis will not have all details including arms/legs/tails.

Size: Measures approximately 4 inches x 4 inches [from leg-to-head and from arm/leg-to-ears]. Due to slight variations in handmade items, measurements are not exact.

Color: Various colors. When certain colors are not available, they will be assigned with default black.


  • Mochi & embellishments (if applicable): soft minky fabric, synthetic fiberfill, polyester all-purpose thread or black embroidery cotton thread.
  • Eyes: plastic eyes with plastic safety backings with a glossy finish**.

Safety eyes**: Upon request, we can replace safety eyes with fabric applique (usually minky or felt) at no additional charge.

Special requests: You may request to change body or eye colors at no extra charge. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Contact us for commissions!