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mochi rainfroggy with cat hat



Baby mochi rainfroggy is definitely one of our favorite animals. Usually they look sad but this one’s happy and proud because they found a cute cat hat. With their long noodle arms and shorter hind legs, your new friend will sit perfectly on your hand, desk, bed, or car dashboard.


Note: This item is not considered a toy; intended for display only. Not suitable for children or animals that bite, chew, or gnaw on non-edible items.

Available on backorder


  • Shape: A mochi with arms/legs that fits and sits on your hand. Cat hat is removable.
  • Size: Measures approximately 3.25 inches x 3.75 inches [from legs-to-head and from arm-to-hat]. Due to slight variations in handmade items, measurements are not exact.
  • Color: Light green rainfrog body with a white tummy. White cat hat with light blue inner ears. Black plastic eyes.
  • Materials:
    • Mochi & embellishments (if applicable): soft minky fabric, synthetic fiberfill, and polyester all-purpose thread.
    • Cat Hat: No pill fleece.
    • Eyes: plastic eyes with plastic safety backings with a glossy finish**.

Safety eyes**: Upon request, we can replace safety eyes with fabric applique (usually minky or felt) at no additional charge.

Special requests: You may also request a sad/disgruntled rainfroggy, change cat hat colors, change to a banana guard hat, or change to a desert rainfrog (brown) at no extra charge. Never seen a desert rainfrog? Here’s a cute rainfrog clip (direct link to YouTube).