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They were used for many purposes including to serve as anesthesia, provide euphorics, to act as sedatives and aphrodisiacs and to induce mystical feelings visions. Spice Diamond is of superior potency and quality.

Пакет с курительной смесью Spice Diamond Spice спайс один из брендов синтетических курительных смесей, поставляемых в продажу в виде травы, с нан.

Its also got a purer, fresher smoke than some other, less-expensive blends. Spice Diamond has a reputation as being one of the absolute best herbal incenses you can find. It is great on its own.

The high comes in waves, so theres no sense that youre tripping to hard or that your high has ended too quickly. Some report that it gives a better, clearer high than the illegal stuff.

Spice Diamond is two times as potent as Spice Gold. The herbs in Spice Diamond are sprayed with pure extracts and oils to increase potency.

Спайс Ульяновск Ася:697406359.

Fans of the product report that the high is dead-on, up to 99 percent identical to what you get from weed. The high is very potent and pleasant, lasting anywhere from five to nine hours.

Долгое время в Европе, а это почти 9 лет с момента массового завоза в «Старый Свет» курительных смесей, такие вещества как Spice Silver, Spice Gold и Spice Diamond.